“Bob, many many thanks for your incredible blessing to me. I went online today and booked tickets home to New Zealand. Thankyou for your kind invitation and I will mark your next event in my diary. Please pass on my thanks to the Palmyra Club for their support in purchasing the table.”

“I had a great time at the lunch, as well as the rest of the guests. The speakers were excellent and it was great to catch up with more egg chasing supporters in a great environment. The whole event was well run and I will certainly be back for more. Thanks Bob.”
Richard Vaughan

“Thanks, it was a great lunch. Nice to sit with Leon and his guests. Enjoyed Peter and Hugh Bladen. Great to hear their stories. Also good to include Danica and she really appreciated the gift.”

“Gerhard and I had a great time, and the Jacques bat has gone to a good South African home! Managed to catch up with Danica at the downstairs bar afterwards. All the best to her. Please keep me posted on the Cricket Luncheon, am in the process of sorting out going to the final! I was on the table with Serena and the girls… need to not have work to do afterwards so they can properly entertain the table! The speakers were fantastic and the luncheon was very well run.” 

“I had a great time at the lunch, certainly did very well with the raffles!!! I thought the speakers you had were amazing, I was very moved particularly by the doctor and the feedback from the guests I met after and at my table was that it was in fact one of the best speeches, was great to get such a personal insight into the great Mr Mandela. Great success for the clubs! I feel this was the best one you have done to date that I have attended. Service, food and running of the event was well organised and good. The quality of the speakers was the outstanding factor of the day and I feel that many people would have walked away satisfied with their participation at the event! Job well done!”

“Yes I have had feedback from our guests that they had a good time – I would have been surprised to hear otherwise as it is always a good event.”
Lutech Resources

“Bob, Rugby WA is putting together a testimonial type dinner for me the night before the South African test.  It would be good if we could catch up and see what you thought as I know you hold the best events in Perth.”
Nathan Sharpe
Wallaby Captain

“I thoroughly enjoyed the luncheon, somewhat surprisingly as I am more of a soccer/Union man than a cricket man.  The guest speakers were excellent and had the audience captivated, and the meal and venue were really good also. I am looking forward to the event in September, and will be bringing some friends along too.”
Kevin McCafferty
Fortescue Metals Group

“Thanks Bob – I love my cricket having played and watched since I can remember. Really enjoyed it.  Loved it in fact.”
Luke Derbyshire

“Thanks for a polished event, our guests had nothing but praise for the event and the guest speakers.”
Troy Anderson
Ricoh Australia

“Thanks Bob, it was an excellent day!”
Keith Horstmann
OSD Limited

“Was great lunch, thank you very much.”
Ian Harvey
Goodlife Health Clubs

“We really enjoyed the luncheon on Friday. The speakers were enjoyable and informative and as always the food was lovely. Nick and I would like to continue our association with Rugby Lunches WA and I would be keen to see more details regarding the sponsorship packages you are suggesting.”
Corrinna Politis

“Bob, I was invited to one of these function many years ago and being a moderate supporter of rugby I could see the lack of appeal to all sector of society when the talks were very much in-jokes based on the sporting career of the speaker. This time around both speakers were really good. Still having a sporting focus but with anecdotes about Mandela and a flavour for South Africa rather than strictly the rugby. I thought it was a good mix.”

“Thanks for the invite to Mandela Plate Luncheon, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I’ve been to a few Rugby Lunches and this was the best by some distance, although I should add that having grown up in South Africa I’m somewhat biased. Hugh Bladen is a one of my childhood hero’s – a few times during his speech I closed my eyes and was taken back to watching games with my father!  I was lucky enough to have met Nelson Mandela, so the insights shared by your second speaker, who did an amazing job, were moving. Thanks again and I look forward to the next one.”
Allen Gerber

“It was another great lunch.  No suggestions for improvement.”

“The luncheon was fantastic.  I believe our customers too had a great time. The food, service and entertainment (very funny) were of high quality.”

“Bob, in a nut shell, brilliant!  I could not add anything to a perfect night.  Have a great Christmas.”
Domenic Macri
D J Carmichael & Co

“My guys were gobsmacked at the profile created by the event and that was because you made it happen …thanks mate.  Our plan now is to maximise the opportunity for revenue and profit from the event.”
Wayne Miller
Australian Consolidated Insurance Limited

“We certainly did enjoy the dinner last week.  Entertainment was good, food was good but those sweet tooths among us would have preferred a dessert rather than a cheese platter (fussy aren’t we!).  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves though and we are looking forward to the next event.  The memorabilia available was great.  Certainly not the things you can find in a suburban memorabilia store.  And it is great to know that our money spent goes to great causes.”

“Thanks for the night it was great entertainment and my guests really enjoyed it , the table location was perfect and made the evening just that much more special.”
Steve & Karen Masters
Lost Lake Winery

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