Steve Danaher, Territory Manager – Australia, AMEC Global IT

“As usual I had a great time, both speakers were fantastic. Getting a first hand insight about Nelson Mandela certainly gave me something to contemplate about the man, the politics of RSA at the time and how a man can forgive to ensure a country is able to move on. I really enjoyed the story about gifting his watch to Mugabe, I would have loved to have seen Mugabe’s reaction once it sank in. Hugh Bladen was very entertaining as well, it is the stories that these people relate about ‘their’ sport and the attached values that grasp my attention on the day. I must say that the most engaging speaker that I have had the pleasure of listening to was Sir Colin Meads a few years ago, well what was most ‘engaging’ was watching him down two jugs+ and not miss a beat; the man is a legend! His stores and knowledge are second to none and I look forward to seeing him again in 2015. Overall the Rugby Lunches are well run, I think I have attended around six now, this is the event of the year for me and I thank Ricoh for their kind invitation.”