This is an example of where the proceeds of our events are directed. The City of Stirling Women’s Centre provides accommodation and support services for women and children in domestic violence situations. Rugby Lunches WA helped the residents and their families this Christmas by donating funds to purchase much-needed presents.

“All the families had a great Christmas so big thanks and this would not have
been possible without your support.” Marianne McCabe, the Centre’s co-ordinator.

These are some of the responses from the recipients:

“Over-whelmed in a positive way – was not aware that there are such good and kind people out there.”

“It felt really good, had so much fun playing with toys, was amazed to receive presents” – young boy

“It was the best Xmas ever for both kids and me, been here 5 years and never had so much help” – Family mother and two young children

“It was really nice, I’m 26 and first time received so much, opposite of what husband told me – people here are so nice and generous.” – Family mother two young children

For more information on The City of Stirling Women’s Centre, click here.


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